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Our incredible team offers a variety of unique services that cater your unique needs!

All Service Prices Include GST*


Massage Services 

Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Therapeutic, Sports Massage

$60 for 30 Minute Massage Therapy

$75 for 45 Minute Massage Therapy

$95 for 60 Minute Massage Therapy

$110 for 75 Minute Massage Therapy

$140 for 90 Minute Massage Therapy

Cupping Therapy Can Be Added To Your Treatment Free of Charge When Booking With 

RMT Krystal & Nyamiti During Your Online Booking Process!

*Sports Massage Available Exclusively with RMTs Kali and Nyamiti*

Intuitive Massage

Available Exclusively with RMT Jessica

"This massage combines psychic ability, energy healing, and spirit communication to provide you with the most unique and integrated healing treatment I can provide. I'll use a variety of skills during the session including angel communication, body scanning and out of body travel to channel divine healing that is catered to your needs."

$125 For 60 Minute Intuitive Massage Therapy Session

Reiki Healing

Wizards Massage

Available Exclusively with RMT Jessica

Home of the Famous "Wizards Massage" Immerse yourself into the magical world of Harry Potter!

"Unwind and allow Jim Dales dulcet tones to lull you into the story of our favorite boy wizard. Enjoy a full body massage tailored to relax and soothe tired muscles all while enjoying the scent of our buttery brew massage oil to help whisk you away and truly experience the Wizarding World. With my carefully decorated room and themed décor, you wont need much convincing to feel like you've been placed in the middle of the prestigious Wizarding School."

Jessica Baziuk, RMT

Burning Incense

Meditative Massage

Available Exclusively with RMT Jessica

Relax and decompress during your next meditative massage therapy session while Jessica guides you into a meditative state of relaxation.

Together this session aids to ease any complication or discomfort with all body, mind and soul.

"In this innovative massage treatment I'll guide you through a meditation to stimulate the mind/body connection for the release of any pain, tension or stagnate energies within the body. This treatment focuses on healing the body, mind and soul for a truly transformative spiritual experience." - Jessica Baziuk, RMT

$125 for 60 Minute Meditative Massage Therapy Session

Massage Therapy
Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Available Exclusively with RMT Nyamiti

Hot stone therapy promotes healing and relaxation by targeting the deeper layers of muscle through the use of heated stones. 

$85 for 45 Minute Hot Stone Massage

$105 for 60 Minute Hot Stone Massage

$120 for 75 Minute Hot Stone Massage

$150 for 90 Minute Hot Stone Massage


Athletic Injury Taping

Available exclusively with RMT Kali


Athletic Taping is the process of applying athletic tape directly to the skin to stabilize and neutralize vulnerable muscles, joints and ligaments. This aids by restricting the movement of injured joints, providing soft tissue compression to reduce swelling.

$30 For Initial Assessment​

$15 for Add-on To Massage Therapy 

Kinesiology Taping
Beauty Mineral

Additional Services

"Salt Glow"  Available Exclusively with with RMT Janelle


"A Salt Glow is a full body salt  scrub, that uses moistened salt or sugar products in a massage. The salt acts to stimulate circulation of the skin as well as works to exfoliate dead skins cells, leaving your skin softened and refreshed!

A salt scrub is an excellent cost effective luxury add-on to your treatment and can make the perfect gift!" 

Janelle, RMT

$20 Add-on to Massage Therapy Session

Dry Brushing and Paraffin Wax Services Coming Soon!

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